About TuttleCo

TuttleCo LLC was launched in 2019 by Chris Tuttle, a NYC-based digital engagement strategist and nonprofit communications professional who has worked with hundreds of purpose-driven organizations over his 20+ year career, developing groundbreaking national and global campaigns that reach and engage millions of people annually.

From beginning to end, TuttleCo will work with your team to develop and deliver expert training that will result in increased awareness, engagement, and organizational impact. And we’ll show you how to measure its success, too.

Chris Tuttle has taught thousands of communications, program, and executive staff of purpose-driven organizations over the past 20 years. Tuttle regularly speaks at conferences nationwide, currently serves as an Expert Trainer for Idealware and NeighborWorks America, and is available to create customized online and in-person training for your team(s).

Chris Tuttle has develops groundbreaking campaigns that involve millions of constituents in changing the world, including GLSEN’s Day of Silence and Arcus Foundation & Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries’ Giving Day for Apes, among dozens of others.

With projects and clients steadily increasing, Chris can’t continue to do this on his own. Please meet the TuttleCo team, below. We are more than happy to help your organization achieve your digital communications goals.

Our Team

woman with curly hair and glasses smiles at the camera

Biana Bova

Digital Communications Associate

Chris Tuttle

CEO and Principal

Courtney looking over her left shoulder, curly hair blowing in a breeze.

Courtney Drasner

Director of Client Relations

woman with blond hair and glasses looks over right shoulder

Grace Byron

Digital Communications Associate

woman with long dark hair and a necklace smiles at the camera

Hallie Allen

Operations Associate

Jordan Bowles

Digital Communications Associate

Kallan Imhoff

Digital Communications Associate

Picture is of Katie Gorum, smiling at the camera with nearly shoulder length brown hair tucked behind her ears, and wearing a white dress shirt with vertical blue stripes.

Katie Gorum

Director of Production

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KT Pe Benito

Production Associate

Lesly Perez

Digital Communications Associate

Spencer Washington

Communications Intern

Tonisha Young

Communications Intern