We help nonprofits like yours
use digital strategy
more effectively.

Whether you’re looking for help developing your digital strategy, implementing your strategy with campaigns and digital communications, or wanting to learn best practices on all things digital, we’re here to help.


We know nonprofit resources are limited, and while we would always advise nonprofits to hire staff first, not all organizations are able to — or may need additional assistance managing websites, email communications, social media, and other digital properties. As such, we provide support managing the following services:

  • Virtual Events
  • Website Management
  • Email Communications
  • Social Media
  • Chat/Messenger
  • SMS/Text Messaging


We provide ongoing and as-needed professional consulting and coaching for nonprofit professionals looking to conduct a digital audit, develop or improve your digital strategy, or design and implement digital campaigns.

  • Digital Audit of Web, Email, & Social
  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Digital Campaign Development & Implementation
  • Email Onboarding Series
  • Social Media Acquisition
  • Giving Day Campaigns


TuttleCo provides a variety of training options to meet your needs, including: 1on1 on-boarding of new staff, custom-developed group training via webinars and/or in-person, as well on-demand classes and monthly webinars.

  • Developing a Digital Strategy
  • Creating Winning Digital Campaigns
  • Effective Social Media Strategy
  • Online Fundraising
  • How to Create an Email Onboarding Series
  • Advanced Digital Metrics

The TuttleCo Way

We believe digital can transform your nonprofit’s ability to reach, engage, and cultivate relationships with your constituents. We also know that many nonprofits struggle to find the time and resources to maintain websites, email communications, and social media channels — much less, how to use each of these strategically to raise awareness, increase engagement, and cultivate deeper actions that advance your mission and serve your communities.

+ Strategy
+ Community
+ Technology
+ Marketing 

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